2017 Year in Review: Adam Yakubov, ONE Commercial Realty Services



Name & Title: Adam Yakubov, Investment Sales, Team David Chase (David Chkheidze)

Company Name: ONE Commercial Realty Services (ONE-CRS)

Address: 551 Fifth Avenue, Suite 620, New York, NY, 10176

What was the best decision you made in 2017 and why?

The best decision I made in 2017 would have to be the transition into the commercial real estate industry. Prior to my career in real estate I was a principal under the family owned “D.I.F. Diamond Corp.” in the New York Diamond District. I dealt with acquiring, servicing, and wholesaling diamonds to individuals and companies on a global basis. Aside from the diamond market, I had also pursued the health and fitness industry where I founded Dr. Fitness Personal Training and the Underground Athletic Club. Through those ventures I was able to meet AB Capstone’s Meir Babaev and ONE Commercial’s David Chase. It was through their influence and mentorship that led me to pursue commercial real estate. Although diamonds are great, most people only consider it as a luxury item, and unfortunately the same goes for personal trainers. Real estate on the other hand is a necessity, since it provides us a place of abode and a place of business. With such a necessity comes a never-ending demand. With that being said, there is only one outcome for those involved in real estate, and that is growth.

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